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muana loa Membership and BusinessHere you will discover the secret of how becoming a GRN member will allow you to take family vacations more often and in luxury. See how GRN members stay in resort timeshare condo rentals without having to purchase a timeshare. Hear how to vacation at 3-4 star luxury resorts without having to pay the high prices that others will pay for the same room at the same resort.

The beauty of this travel membership is that once you choose the level you would like to join in at you then pay a one-time membership fee and you own it for life, no taxes or yearly dues. You can even transfer your membership to someone else for a small charge of $75.00. No maintenance fees like you have with a timeshare, you can book a trip whenever you want there are no blackout dates, and the price you pay is substantially lower than even online discount booking sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, or In some cases saving up to 90% off these sites listed prices.

Family destinations like Disneyworld Florida, the tropical islands of Hawaii, Legoland in Sandisney Membership and Business Diego, and ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, and Idaho are well within reach when you pay only $289-$799 for the entire week. Even exotic trips to Europe, Australia, the Fiji islands, and so much more can be on your itinerary with the GRN travel membership. And the comfort of having a spacious condo with a fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, a separate and private bedroom(s), large bathrooms and a real living room is such a luxury when compared to a cramped hotel room. You and the rest of the family will be able to spread out and relax.

Membership rates:

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  1. The most popular membership level is perfect for families that usually take 2 weeks of vacation each year and love to travel in style for less. The Silver level, priced at $1995, lets you book two weeks a year which is a really doable amount of time for a typical busy family schedule.
  2. Next is the Platinum level which gives you book 10 weeks of vacation out of the year. The Platinum level is priced at $4995.
  3. And finally, Platinum Plus level priced at $12,500 is perfect for any travel enthusiast and gives you the advantage of booking luxury accommodations 20 weeks out of each year.

A one time fee with a lifetime membership that offers tremendous savings on luxury vacation condo timeshare rentals across the globe is what will give you the ability to take the vacations you deserve. We are able to access these low prices is because our membership uses the power of word of mouth rather than traditional advertising to promote the resorts. And this is where you can also benefit from the GRN membership:

Let’s say you are on vacation using your low, low travel membership rates. You find yourself relaxing in the hot tub, sipping a margarita at the bar, or lounging poolside with some of the other vacationers at the resort. You strike up a conversation and after finding out who they are and where they are from you ask where they booked their room and what they are paying to stay at this luxury timeshare resort. Of course you find out they are either timeshare owners paying high buy-in prices, monthly maintenance fees and taxes, have booked through a travel agent for top dollar, or through an online discount provider. You then share the low price you have paid through GRN and right there you have an interested customer. As a GRN affiliate you will have a personal secure web page to sign clients up for the travel membership. They purchase it from you and you earn a commission for the sale.

Here are the commissions you could earn just for becoming a GRN affiliate and showing a fellow travelerbusiness Membership and Business how they can save money and vacation in luxury. If you sell a:


  1. Silver Membership-you earn $1000
  2. Platinum Membership-you earn $3250
  3. Platinum Plus Membership-you earn $7000

****Please note that there is a $100 yearly processing fee charged to affiliates only and is reflected in the start up membership cost*****

Not only have you easily and simply earned a commission but you could possibly, at the advice of your tax preparer, write off your vacation as a business expense.

So, as you can see, there are 2 ways to enjoy your GRN membership. You can start booking your family vacations and planning all the fun you are going to have without even thinking of sharing the GRN business (you can always change your mind and sign up later to become an affiliate, if you want). Or you can start your own GRN affiliate business and bring your family on vacation, too.

Now that you have heard about the GRN travel membership and seen how you can not only save money on luxury vacation condo timeshare rentals but also earn money with their profitable commissions don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to find out more?

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