Places You Need To Visit In Mediterranea

Imagine, from the pretty Morocco to Portugal and the Canary Islands; from the colorful ports of Spain to the sizzling Rivieras of France and Italy to the sunny Greek islands; from historic Egypt and Israel to exotic Turkey to the scenic shores of the Black Sea –the Mediterranean offers scenes and scenery to suit any cruisegoing style.  For those who love cruising or want to have a try to explore the world from the sea, here is a region-by-region guide to interesting sights at various ports of call.

Cyprus.  This islands is famous for its forests, lofty mountains, and tantalizing blend of Eastern and Western cultures.  Spare your precious time to visit port of Limassol where you will find a nice blend of English-style pubs, resort hotels, side by side with tavernas and mosques, and such historical point of interests as Limassol Castle, a haunt of Richard the Lion-Hearted –now the Medieval Museum.

France.  The most popular place in the Mediterranean is the France’s warm and sunny beaches of Cote d’Azur.  Beyond the beaches (you’ll likely find topless bathers on all of them) is the pretty town of Villefranche, often a jumping-off point for other Cote d’Azur destinations.  In the film-festival city of Cannes, you might stroll along the Croissette, a boulevard of chic boutiques and restaurants; in Nice you can visit the Matisse and Chagall museums.   Smaller cruise ships pull right up to the docks in downtown Monte Carlo, its main attraction the turreted, gold-filigreed Casino.

Italy.  Genoa is Italy largest port.  This city has something for everyone  –a district of restaurants, shops, and big hotels and of course markets and trattorias; and the Via Garibaldi, a boulevard lined with Renaissance palaces.  Portofino, home to the rich and famous –and to their fashionable resorts—is a place to sunbathe, dine and shop.

Sail again to Venice and you will know that no stop in this city-of-water would be complete without a visit to the Piazza San Marco with its old clock tower and thousands of pigeons, a romantic stroll along the city’s narrow streets and of course a gondola ride on the famous canals.

Popular ports of call in Sicily, the Mediterranean’s largest island, include the capital city of Palermo, with its fine shops and Palatine turesque hillside village that drops to a craggy coastline dotted with sandy beaches.

If you follow through with the cruise, you will be arrived at the beautiful Sardinia.  The two main attractions are the ports of Cagliari, famous for its medieval architecture and its population of pink flamingos and Alghero, a principal exporter of coral.

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