Dealing With A Lost Or Stolen American Passport


Passports are required for all people who are traveling outside the United States of America. If you do not have a passport your will not be granted access into another country. You can even be denied reentry into America if you do not have a valid passport. Since passports are such a vital part of international travel it is imperative that you make sure they stay safe and secure when you travel abroad. If you have a lost or stolen United States passport you will need to make arrangements to procure a new passport before traveling anywhere.

Common Happening

Having a passport stolen is a very common occurrence. However, you would not know that because they American government does not want they exact figures of stolen passports made public as a matter of national security. No matter what country you are traveling to, you need to take extra good care of your passport. In our increasingly globalize d world, the theft of travelers passports is only going to become more and more prevalent. It is important to remain vigilant in guarding your pass ports when overseas.


Not only is having your passport stolen inconvenient, it can be downright dangerous. Imagine what damage a terrorist could do if they were to obtain a valid United States passport. This is a scary scenario for the American public to consider. This is just another reason why it is so crucial for citizens traveling abroad to keep a close eye on their passports.

What The Authorities Will Do

No matter what, if you misplace your passport there are certain steps you must make sure to take. First, you have to notify the proper authorities that your passport might have been stolen. However, before you do this make absolutely sure you do not still have your passport. Once you report it as missing the authorities will red flag it and it will become invalid. They do this to avoid anyone using it for fraudulent activity.

Reporting A Stolen Passport

Once reported, you can go about replacing your passport. You will need to apply for a passport replacement by providing a statement of the lost or stolen passport. You will also need proof of your citizenship, such as your birth certificate. Proof of identity, a driver’s licence. Two passport photos and verification of ID, you may also need an intent to travel statement. This is especially necessary if you need the replacement expedited.

What To Do If Already Overseas

If your passport is stolen while you’re abroad, you can still get a replacement. You must go through the proper authorities and report it as stolen. Depending on the country you may be able to go to the American embassy or consulate for help. They will be able to assist you in getting a replacement passport; in some cases you may be able to get a US passport replacement overnight.

A lost or stolen U.S. passport isn’t a complete crisis as long as it’s handled properly. So by keeping it safe at all times you will lower the chance of your U.S. passports being stolen.

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