Afghans In The Early Days Of Broken Hill

If you are curious about the contribution made by the Afghans in the early days of Damaged Hill, you’ll be in a position to discover many interesting pieces of information at the Afghan Mosque. Like most outback and inland communities before the arrival of the railway, Afghan camel trains provided the transport of supplies in and out of town.

Travel these travelling days is simple with AllSeasons Campervan Hire Sydney and too frequently, the transport options to distant areas are forgotten when taking a look at the early years of white settlement throughout inland Australia. The Mosque in Broken Hill is the sole surviving Mosque in Australia, which was actually built by the early Afghan cameleers. It was built in 1891 and was moved to it’s current site in 1904 which is fittingly the site of the ‘Camel Camp ‘ where camel drivers did their loading and unloading of goods.

The building is assembled from wood and corrugated iron and also has got an anteroom. The whole construction was painted in rust red which mixes in with the dominant color of Damaged Hill and was renovated in 1968 by the Broken Hill Historic Society, who also solemnly planted an avenue of date palms. There are original, wood and iron camel lorry wheels around the Mosque.

In the anteroom of the Mosque, there’s a small museum which displays some of the tools of the camel train trade, such as camel saddles, camel bells and nose pegs as well as some traditional female and male headgear from Baluchistan. A walking stick which belonged to the last Mullah, as well as some other Islamic non secular items, can be seen thru a glass display case.

The Afghan community was marginalised in Australia at the time, and as rail transport and then wagons became utilized for transportation of goods, the Afghan communities diminished and then vanished. The Mosque in Damaged Hill remains a s a testament to the transport contribution made by the early cameleers, without which many inland and outback communities wouldn’t ever have did well.

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