Timeshare Rental in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Timeshare Rental

cabo san lucas Timeshare Rental in Cabo San LucasOla, Amigos! Welcome to today’s Ultimate Second Home timeshare rental price comparison. This time we are traveling to the Mexican resort destination of Cabo San Lucas. The resort we are focusing on today is an exclusive and internationally renowned property which is located on the most popular stretch of coastline in Cabo and directly on the beach with magnificent views. The property is called the Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa. We are looking at a 1 bedroom suite with a kitchenette, living and dining areas, beautiful views and fully loaded with resort amenities. The time we are searching is for a week in January.

Cabo San Lucas Timeshare Rental Comparison Results

Here are the results for our Cabo San Lucas get away comparison:

  • Cheapcaribean.com-a one bedroom executive suite goes for
    $333.00/night or $2331.00 for the week.
  • Orbitz.com-average price is $311/night or $2178 for the week
  • Expedia.com-which has a wonderful photo gallery showing the
    interiors of the room, the spa, and outdoor pool as well as exterior shots of the resort and fully furnished beach area. The price per night at this site is $339.00 which is $2373 for the week.
  • GRN members-For exactly the same unit at the same location
    during the same time frame our members in GRN pay $398.00 for the week. That comes out to $55.00 a night. This may sound amazing to you but it is true!

How You Save On Cabo San Lucas Timeshare Rental

If you subtract the GRN price for this Cabo San Lucas resort from the Expedia price the savings you receive inside the GRN membership is $1979.00 on the entire week which will buy you a lot of margaritas. You will be staying right next door to the people paying over $2000.00. A savings like that should knock the sombrero right off your head!

You must find out more about the GRN membership, you don’t want to let another trip go by without getting these amazing savings. Put your name, email address, and phone number in the box on this page and someone will get back to you so you can find out how to become a GRN member.

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