The Cliffs Club, A Kauai Condo Rental Steal!

The Cliffs Club Condo Rental Comparison

the cliff club The Cliffs Club, A Kauai Condo Rental Steal!Aloha!Now we will whisk you away to the garden Island of Kauai in the Hawaiian island chain. Kauai is one of our favorite destinations here at are going to be blown away by this price comparison of The Cliffs Club, as a matter of fact we almost had to book ourselves a trip after seeing the tremendous savings at this luxurious resort.

The Cliffs Club is located on the north shore of Kauai situated high on the cliffs with the ocean on one side and the mountain’s on the other. While vacationing in this beautiful and dramatic landscape you will enjoy the amenities of The¬†Cliffs Club including a full kitchen, pool, tennis, golf, etc.

Compare The Cliffs Club Savings

This comparison of The Cliffs Club will be based on a 1 bedroom unit garden view room, check in January 1st and check out January 8th. Here is what we found:

  • The Travelocity site showed that the first night of January 1st had a price of $209.00 with every following night jumping up in price to $998.99 per night. For the entire week, with taxes and fees, there was a total charge of $7,123.31.
  • The Priceline site had similar charges for a total after taxes and fees of $7101.01. Now this site makes claims of “fees chopped” and “best price guarantee” giving us the impression that this is the lowest price we will find for this property.
  • But if you are a member of GRN you know that you can get a much lower price for a one bedroom unit at The Cliffs Club on the island of Kauai. Actually, the price that you, as a GRN member will pay for this exact same week is $398.00! In this case you are saving thousands of dollars!

The Cliffs Club:$7000 vs $398

So we saw $7000 plus dollars for the week on the online discount sites as opposed to the price of $398 for the week inside the GRN membership. And when at The Cliffs Club you will be staying right next door to and playing golf with the people that are paying the Priceline and Travelocity prices. It astounds us that people don’t know about GRN and the amazing prices we get inside our membership. Places to can take your loved ones and your family to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Put your name and email address in on the box on this page a find out how you can start taking advantage of the low, low prices with your GRN membership today.

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