Are You Ready For a $57.00 Per Night Fiji Island Vacation?

At $57.00 Per Night You Can Truly Enjoy a Fiji Island Vacation

fijisingers Are You Ready For a $57.00 Per Night Fiji Island Vacation? Are you ready to slow down with a Fiji Island Vacation? Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy a Fiji Island vacation on the Fijian island of Naigani at the Naigani Island Resort. Fiji is one of our favorite travel destinations here at The Ultimate Second Home, we just love the laid back vibe of the islands and the Fijian people are incredibly friendly and warm.  The words tropical paradise runs through your head at every bend in the road because that is exactly what you find.

A Fiji Island Vacation at the Naigani Island Resort

The Naigani Island Resort  has a wonderful Fijian old world charm and is situated on a small, rugged, and very beautiful  island fringed with white sandy beaches and a 20 minute boat ride from the main island of Viti Levu. Off the beaten path this is a great place to unwind and remove yourself from the stress and tension of everyday life. With just enough to do like snorkeling in the crystal clear water right off the beach and  scuba diving nearby reefs as well as swimming with the wild dolphins. There is also kayaking, barefoot golf, swimming or just reading a book in the tropical sunshine, in other words a perfect Fiji Island vacation.

You can experience the culture of the islands on an outing to thetropicalfiji Are You Ready For a $57.00 Per Night Fiji Island Vacation? Naigani village or the old Capital Levuku. You can also visit the caves where the cannibals of the islands once cooked up there enemies. And speaking of food, the flavors you will taste on your Fiji island vacation are a beautiful blend of indigenous island cuisine mixed with western culture and Indian fare.  You can expect seafood, fresh island fruit and the resort also accommodates a vegetarian diet on request. It is all delicious!

The staff at this vacation rental is famous for their warm, friendly and accommodating service as they go out of their way to make you feel like family. Your bure is set in a former colonial era plantation with lots of privacy in the midst of beautifully laid out tropical gardens.  When you leave this Fiji island vacation you will feel as though you have spent a week at your very own beach house but without having to lift a finger.

Booking Your Fiji Island Vacation

You can book your Fiji island vacation at the Naigani Island Resort at any of the online discount booking sites but once you see this price comparison you will change your mind. You are going to see that there is a better way to save money on your accommodations in Fiji and other places around the world.

  • If you were to book a bure for your Fiji island vacation from you will pay an average nightly rate of $123.00 for a one week stay that comes to $861.00 for the week. And in the world of hotel rates that may seem very reasonable, read on.
  • has the same timeshare rental room for the same rate of $123.00 per night.
  • The rate that our members get inside our travel membership is a savings of %54 off the previously stated rates. When you are a member inside our program you get the room for $57 per night or $398.00 for the week. Now that is a savings worth talking about!

To discover the amazing savings inside our travel membership and how you can book a room at the Naigani Island Resort for a Fiji island vacation click on the box below and fill your name, phone and email in the box on that page and start traveling the world in luxury for less.create memories Are You Ready For a $57.00 Per Night Fiji Island Vacation?

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